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22 June 2010 @ 08:48 pm
Bigbang rec post like whoahhh  
So two more fics I did art for are posted now and they are really good, GO and READ.
Until the sun went down (I can't sleep) (Buffy/FOB crossover) It's AWESOME!
Pick The Poison (And Pour Yourself A Glass) (William Beckett/Mike Carden, William Beckett/Gabe Saporta -Really, it's kind of threesome-y. I love it very much.)
Also: these two are wonderful. You need to go and read as well. GO AND READ AND LEAVE A NICE COMMENT!

Roam Around Around Around (Ryan/Jon) It's wonderful and hurts in all the right places.
A Life Elsewhere (Brendon/Spencer)You guys!
"I'm a serial killer," Spencer says lightly. "Except on my days off. Then I make smoothies."
"Nice," Pete says, nodding his head. "So this must be a day off?"
"It was, it was, but you know, self employed. Work can be a kind of spur of the moment thing."
Pete's polite expression doesn't even flicker. "Freedom in your work is so important, dude. I'm glad you have that."
"Me too," Spencer says, stroking the couch arm in what he hopes is a disturbing serial killer fashion. "Me too."

I swear I could quote the whole fic to you! It's that great.

I feel like I should point out all the beautiful and awesome and creative art as well, but you just need to look for yourselves and give the artists some love.
Okay, especially: impromptu_love for this!
And likeasugarcube OMG Pete!
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