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08 June 2010 @ 10:36 pm
So, as some of you know I did art as well for bigbang...but whatever.
I want to rec a fic I love pretty hard:
Who are you, sweetheart?
It's an always a girl Andy story. I know some of you will think: OH GOD, NO WAY!
Guys, seriously give it a chance. I think it's a story that every girl should read. Even if you aren't into bandom at all, read it as an original fic. It's one of those stories that make you feel better, stronger, more sure about being a woman in a men's world. If Andy girl (this Andy-girl) were real I would look up to her because she is strong and fierce and wonderful. A great role model.
Go read now!
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07 June 2010 @ 02:39 am
It's June 7th in this part of the world. So here have my bigbang story: Urban battle songs (are about love)
Plus awesome mix and art!


Somewhere worse than here by [info]morganya

1. Belly - Low Red Moon
2. Metric - Monster Hospital
3. Jason Isbell - The Magician
4. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell on You
5. The Afghan Whigs - My Curse
6. Zombina & the Skeletones - Can't Break a Dead Girl's Heart
7. Better than Ezra - In the Blood
8. Florence + the Machine - Howl
9. Marilyn Manson - The Reflecting God
10. The Velvet Underground - The Black Angel's Death Song
11. PJ Harvey - Long Snake Moan
12. Belly - Full Moon, Empty Heart


by [info]dwg
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Heute nur ein ein kurzes Update. Filme, meine Lieben.
Wunderbare filme zum Thema sind: Head in the clouds und Die Träumer. (Kann man beides über Stream gucken)
Head in the clouds hat ist eine Story über zwei Fauen und einen Mann und Die Träumer hat eine Junge/Junge/Mädchen Konstellation (es gibt hier eine Inzest Warnung, aber lasst euch nicht abschrecken! Außerdem: Es spielt in Paris.)

Just a quick update:Movies!
Great movies with wonderful threesome love: Head in the clouds and The dreamers.
Head in the clouds has a girl/girl/boy pairing and The dreamers a boy/boy/girl (also incest and plays in Paris!).
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22 May 2010 @ 07:56 pm

I try to be calm and collected here, but I'm kinda annoyed, so it might end up being a rant.
So here is the thing: I can't help feeling that a lot of readers (and writers, because most of us do both) are kind of elitist about the stuff they're reading or giving a chance. It's okay to have favourite authors (everyone has them, I have them as well), but the thing is that most of the authors are a tight knot, knowing each other and only reading stuff by their friends. It's their luck that they actually have over fifty to choose from.
I find it annoying and disrespectful to dismiss something just because I don't know the author or none of my (f-list) friends know the author.
Also, if you're reading something and you like it why not leave a comment even if it someone that is not part of the tight knot of favourite writers? Why dismiss someone else's effort?! That's disrespectful as well and I tell you something else: How can you as an author not care about your story-idea?
Concrete example: I wrote a story based on 
[info]theopteryx 's idea and she didn't take the time to tell me if she thinks it sucks. Doesn't she care at all? I feel insulted by that kind of behaviour, I really do. And there is of course the fact that a lot of people wanted that story actually written and I wanted to write it, but still just a few let me know how they like it. I'm not even after all the 'I love your story' comments, because what the hell, I always wrote for myself first and for other people second, but it would be nice to know if I did it justice.
I sometimes really feel unwelcome. *sighs * I didn't have/ don't have that problem with other fandoms. I don't have that problem when I'm posting something over at
[info]suckerlove_ (and my stories usually involve Spencer Smith, you guys). They don't care! If they like it, they tell me.
Just out of spite I'm thinking about not posting the last part of the Gerard the littlest vampire series, even if it's finished. That's how annoyed I am.
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Ich habe schon ewig keinen three days of... Eintrag gemacht. So geht es natürlich nicht. Also, hier. Etwas worüber ich immer reden, schreiben, lesen könnte.
Heute: Der Comic/Manga 'Monkey Strip'. Es geht um ein Mädchen, das sich in Zwillinge verliebt. I liebe wirklich alles an diesem kleinen Oneshot. Für etwas so Kurzes ist es ausgesprochen gut und durchdacht. Man kann es online lesen.

I realised that I didn't make a three days of... post in months! So, here. One of my favourite things to read about, write about, talk about.
Today: The comic/manga 'Monkey Strip'. It's about a girl falling in love with twin boys! I like everything about it. For something so short it's really wonderful and thoughtful. It's a oneshot and can be read online.

Monkey Strip
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06 May 2010 @ 02:12 am
I finished my art pieces for the bigbang fic I claimed today. I went with water colour after all. I'm really happy right now.
Here is a sketch I didn't use.

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04 May 2010 @ 11:05 pm
So, I started the bigbang art today. So far I have one sketch and I think it's pretty okay, but I'm also freaking out because I'm not sure the writer will like it when it's finished. What the fuck was I thinking? And I'm not sure if I should use fine-liner, pastels or stick to water colour.
Also if someone has pictures of YOUNG Patrick without a head link me! I spent hours on the internet and couldn't find any...it's so frustrating. I have to make his hair up...
Someone else freaking out about art?
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Sieht so aus, als ob ich es nicht lassen kann. Mach jetzt auch [info]vampirebigbang. *schulterzuck* Man hat ja sonst nichts zu tun, nicht? Habe auch schon jemanden für's beta verpflichtet. Yay!  [info]katelynelaine wird es machen. Ich schreibe eine original Story, was vielleicht ein paar Leute freuen wird...

I'm quoting [info]slashxmistress here, because I can. So, guys. [info]vampirebigbang! I'm doing it, signed up, working on a story and found a beta reader, the lovely [info]katelynelaine is going to do it. You can write for every fandom! And they only want 10.000 words from you.
I know some of you guys are more interested in art or doing videos or whatever. You can do that as well, just check it out.
I'm writing an original vampire story, that most likely will end in a boy/girl/boy threesome. \o/
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